Stafford commenced his education in South Africa before undertaking studies in computer science at Tel Aviv University, Israel. He has been involved in the IT industry for more than 20 years, and was associated with pre-eminent ICT companies such as Telkom, Dimension Data, Novell and Google. His passion for technology led to him holding senior executive positions at Novell USA (based in Utah for 7  years) and subsequently at Novell South Africa. He is also responsible for establishing Google’s presence in South Africa and orchestrating their initial broader Africa strategy. After leaving Google in 2010, he founded several FINTECH businesses and has since established several technology startups that have expanded globally. He is known as the inventor of the Thumbzup “Payment Pebble” and “Payment Blade”. One of the recent companies he founded raised capital via an International VC and the USA based Visa Incorporated also acquired an equity stake. He continues his entrepreneurial journey today as an inventor within early stage IT start-ups – most notable is GATTACA an artificial intelligence platform & crypto currency specialists. He also lectures at several business schools, participates in television & radio broadcasts and is an international guest keynote speaker on the influence of technology on modern life, society and education. Stafford is also a private pilot, microlite pilot, scuba dive master and avid snow skier. (In 2018 Stafford won the Elliptigo biking race category competing within the “Tour Durban” event).

Presently also a board member of Advtech and CSIR + recently appointed special technology advisor to the Presidency.