Mr Russel Raath, Founder of Ambition Method & former President of Kotter International.

Russell has 30 years experience accelerating outcomes and results for clients around the world by integrating behavioral science and change to drive business strategy. With a lens that is focused at the singular effect that Ambition can have on organizational and individual performance, Russell works with leaders and their teams from all over the world to implement The Ambition Method™ to create exceptional business outcomes.

Prior to founding his own company, Russell was President of Kotter International, the consulting firm founded by the preeminent leadership and culture guru Dr John Kotter of Harvard Business School. Working alongside Dr Kotter and the team at Kotter, Russell was responsible for the global consulting team as well as the firm’s Innovation and R&D. Russell is still affiliated with Kotter.

Prior to joining Kotter, Russell was a Senior Vice President at Bank of America/ Merrill Lynch and enjoyed a successful career with Deloitte Consulting in New York.

Originally from Zimbabwe, Russell studied law and business at Nelson Mandela University. Russell has studied Behavioral Science at Columbia University and Operations Management at the Gordon Institute of Business Science. He is on the Advisory Board of the Nelson Mandela Business School.

Russell lives in New York.