Mashigo is Business Development Executive Manager at the Coega Development Corporation in Nelson Mandela Bay. Mashigo’s career spans three continents with a combined working experience of 25 years. He has held various engineering positions in the South African Automotive industry and was project leader at a prototyping plant in Japan in the mid-1990s. He has since held a number of positions in Business Development, Procurement and Exports including that of Procurement Specialist in the USA and Business Excellence Specialist for Black Economic Empowerment. He spent the past decade in economic development as Investment Promotion Manager at the Coega Development Corporation.

He attended the Wits Business School, University of South Africa School of Business Leadership, The Open University Business School (UK), TUKS Graduate School of Business, School of Project Management, Tshwane University of Technology (formerly Technikon Northern Transvaal) and Mangosuthu University of Technology (formerly Mangosuthu Technikon), obtaining qualifications in Business Administration; Financial Strategy; Creativity, Innovation and Change; Project Management and Mechanical Engineering, including an MBA.

Mashigo is a member of the UK-based Chartered Management Institute and a past member of the Association for Project and Change Management in South Africa (he served briefly on the Standards and Competencies Committee), he also served on the board of an intervention program for at-risk African American children; is a co-founder of the erstwhile Winterveldt Education Project (Maths and Science Academy)and was until January 2003 chairman of a Black Economic Empowerment task Group in the South African Automotive Industry.

Mashigo has a special interest in the growth and impact of China on the global economy especially from an internationalization perspective.  His specialties are value chain analysis; forging value-creating relationships with foreign companies including China’s transnational companies; and high-level strategy.

Mashigo serves on the Nelson Mandela Bay Business Chamber Board and is a past member of the Nelson Mandela Bay Investment Council